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special hand drawn storyboards



Animatics are the best tool for focus groups and testing TV commercials. Animatics will perfectly illustrate the concept presented in the storyboard... Read more

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are usually short animations. Their main purpose is to explain various topics even the most complex ones. We can explain in very simple ways products, services, softwares, applications, complicated systems and everything that needs explaining. Read more

Promotional animations

Promotional animations help to present in a attractive way different content at conferences or meetings with clients. Read more

Educational animations

A training or educational animation is a kind of animation that will allow the recipient to explain in a legible, short and simple way every problem. Read more

digital signange content

Digital Signage or digital advertising media at the point of sale, is one of the most dynamically developing segments in marketing... Read more

Video editing & post production

In our studio we take care of editing and post production of video materials. Each video material needs good processing and proper editing to convey content properly and arouse interest. Even the best video material can be unnoticed or misunderstood if it is not edited properly. Read more

2d animations

Based on illustrations provided by the customer or made by our illustrators, we create smooth two-dimensional animations tailored to your needs. Read more


Photomatix is a animation that is based on photography. Potomatix can be made from photos provided by the customer or from purchased stock photos... Read more

3d animations

3D animation is a highly effective visual form that is used in advanced animations, animatics, video presentations and TV commercials... Read more


A moving image requires first to be drawn in the form of a storyboard. We work with a group of illustrators who after briefing outline the vision of appropriate frames and shots... Read more


Sketches, drawings, illustrations - regardless whether you need a large or smaller project - our illustrators guarantee a professional and relatively short time of production... Read more

Sound effects & vo

We offer professional sound effects for each production. We work with an experienced team of voice over artists and music producers... Read more

ideas well





Demo reel 2019

Reel Motion Design

Promotional animations.

Redds Bianco

Kieruj sie rozsadkiem - kierowcy

Tyskie "Poszukiwacze"

Demo reel 2018

Demo 3d

Animatik do reklamy kawy

Lech "Eskimos"

Żubr "Jeleń"

Słoń i mrówki



Tyskie "Oto browar"

kompania piwowarska

We use animatics for several reasons.

"Animatic is the most similar material to the final commercial which makes it suitable for consumer research. On the other hand it is much cheaper than the final version of the advertisement. Animatics allow to avoid the risk that the final advertisement will not appeal to the target group. It is possible to introduce appropriate corrections before the actual production is made. Finally animatics can properly evaluate and adjust the pace of future commercials and the length of its individual scenes. " - ATL Manager - Kompania Piwowarska

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